Telegrafia has been manufacturing warning systems and technology since 1991 (more than 100 years). Our systems are widely used for Anticipation of Disasters, Emergencies, or as a National Warning System. in manufacturing. They ensure the quality of ACOUSTICS, Software, and Monitoring technology always to be First. In System Installation, and design for applications anywhere in the world production, we always also support with our extensive expertise. Today, Telegrafia technology be a reference inthe world for Warning Systems.

NATURAL DISASTER & PUBLIC WARNING SYSTEM (Include: Disaster & Mitigation, NATIONAL Warning, CITY Warning, Mass Signal Warning)
INDUSTRIAL Warning Systems


EMA Industrial is the most powerful new generation modular monitoring and automation station produced by the Telegrafia company. It is designed for large and sophisticated systems with a high level of automation. Not only does it allow the continuous collection and evaluation of data from hundreds of sensors, but it also communicates and controls other SCADA systems according to pre-programmed scenarios. For the most extensive industrial sites, it is possible to connect several EMA Industrial stations into a single functional unit while using the existing technological infrastructure and standardised rack cabinets.

EMA Professional is a new generation of high-performance monitoring stations, designed primarily for sophisticated early warning systems or systems requiring multi-channel communications using large-sized communication devices that need to be placed in a single box. The monitoring station is also suitable for industrial automation applications.


TELEGRAFIA SIRENS TRECHNOLOGY is the most powerful new generation Warning system for all people at the same time. Warning to all people cannot be provided by a single method. Innovating one form of mass warning technology is possible, but the real change will come from building multiple ways to warn anyone, anywhere, anytime. Therefore, Telegrafia is approaching public warning as an opportunity to protect the masses through various channels: smartphones, emails, TVs, computers, information panels, social media, or electronic sirens. Each of these channels leads to the same goal – to inform and protect every possible human being.

The new generation of the Pavian electronic siren represents the top line of Telegrafia’s advanced electronic warning and notification devices. The siren is a smart modular 4thgeneration electronic siren, which is intended mainly for large complex warning and notification systems that require sophisticated control methods and effective siren status monitoring.

The Pavian electronic siren is standardly equipped with full auto-diagnostic functions, including batteries, as well as with a wide range of control methods and communications channels. Due to its built-in backup batteries, it is fully operational in case of a power failure. At the same time, it can be autonomously responsive to various stimuli coming from the environment, and it is even able to control external devices.

The new generation Gibon electronic siren is a powerful, cost-effective siren, providing high-quality sound coverage for an endangered area. The siren is primarily intended for use as a locally controlled stand-alone warning device or as part of simple warning systems with several sirens, mainly for small urban and rural areas and industries.

The Gibon siren combines the performance and acoustic quality of the higher-range sirens with perfectly comprehensible controls suitable for simpler warning systems. On request, it can be supplemented with other advanced features, such as the TTS (Text-To-Speech) module, so that you purchase a siren exactly matching your needs and pay only for the features you will actually use in your warning system.


Acusticus Professional is the most powerful new generation software Acustic systems design technology that a powerful on-line tool for Web browsers, used for the creation of exterior and interior sound systems. You can create a simple project using only a single siren or a complex national early warning system containing hundreds of sirens, measurement points, and sound backgrounds. Acusticus Professional can be also used for the design of sound systems intended for the interiors of various kinds of buildings and production halls and for the design of sound systems intended for both interiors and exteriors.

Acusticus is software that is able to simulate coverage of any specific environment by warning signal thanks to the possibility of configuring parameters suitable for this environment.

Acusticus allows you to estimate the number of sirens, their acoustic pressures, locations etc., thus to design an acoustic/radio project fully adjustable to your needs.