Experience and success stories are one of the important parameters in historical of a company, and can be used as a reference and benchmark for their performance, capacity, and ability. This Values has also represent a figures, how they provide solutions, completed the job on-time and properly, as their services to the costumer. Likewise with us ‘OPTOLUS (PT kesawa Citra Integra-KCI)’, we have been serving and maintaining customer satisfaction for almost 11 years with our ability to solve problems, these are figures out through our testimony.

The responses from customers to the services provided, responsibility, and patience in the work process illustrate how OPTOLUS works and maintains the reputation so far. Every response from the customer is always become our feedback, whether good or bad, it will remain an important evaluation for us to continue to improve our professionally services to the customers

Testimony & Success Stories

Thank you for all the trust from the companies below with us PT Kesawa Citra Integra . For us there is no Big or Small Job, all of them have different challenges that become lessons for us to growth. Every challenge we provide the best solution, as our vision is We – Do What is Right, Not What is Easy.


As a developer of a world-class tourism area that is neatly organized, beautiful, comfortable, and safe, ITDC selects every supporting facility that is the best in its field. Likewise for CCTV security, ITDC has selected and appointed KESAWA SP (KCI) as a Provider and Vendor in terms of security systems in the ITDC area with dozens of five-star hotels with several VVIP class conference facilities and of course very high security. For APEC activity, 2013 is a world-class international meeting attended by dozens of leaders of major and important countries in the world so that security assurance is the No.1 affair that cannot be negotiated. ITDC has given us full confidence in this matter. we applied Full Outdoor IP CCTV (IP 68), High Quality 2 MP and above, Fully Autoiris & Auto-motorized.


W Retreat is a five-star hotel with perfect facilities, Winner of Best exotic excursion 2014, Best Resort Asia Pacific 2013, Best Hotel in Bali, Best Resort 2013, and Hospitality Asia Platinum Award 2012-2014. W Retreat is part of the top class STARWOOD Hotels group / network in the world which has become a barometer of top level hotels in Bali and the Petitenget area of ​​Kuta in particular. The selection of CCTV cameras is the most important thing for security and security. With our experience so far, we also provide excellent services in the security sector. KESAWA SP – KCI is trusted to maintain the security system at this resort


As an Authorized GEOVISION distributor in Indonesia (www.geovision.co.id) we provide a reliable, dedicated, and trustworthy surveillance system with high reliability. Quality is our guarantee. We support several companies (Sub Company) providers for all security systems at SKK Migas. Geovision reliability even in extreme conditions can be justified. KESAWA SP-KCI, always provides support for Device Supply, Design, Installation and Test & Commissioning


It is our pride, with the trust of Bali Beach management in Kesawa SP – KCI to install a security system at one of the National Pride Hotels (3 of the Nusantara Memorial Hotels which were built after independence, ‘Hotel Indonesia, Hotel Ambarukmo and Hotel Bali Beach). We installed System security, IP Camera untuk Phase II – 48 Units, (Phase I – 36 Units). This is a new era for the security system at this hotel because it has replaced the old Analog System with an IP-based CCTV system with a Fiber Optic Network.


INDONESIA POWER, a company that provides electricity that manages 18 units power generation in the Bali region. Kesawa SP – (KCI) carry out the procurement and installation / installation of CCTV in the PT Indonesia Power area to support the ease of monitoring the security system there with AHD CCTV cameras, and replace the old Analog system cameras.

AP II - Slt. BADARUDIN Palembang

OPTOLUS-KCI supports the security system infrastructure at Sultant Mahmud Badaruddin International Airport, Lampung. We supply the GV-PPTZ7300, with the power of a Panoramic IP PTZ Camera, 2 MP / 5 MP, 10x Zoom Camera for monitoring all airport operations for the preparation of the ASIAN Games. OPTOLUS-KCI team, ensure that each system is installed properly and the system operates perfectly


Ayodya Hotel (HILTON HOTEL) Nusa Dua. This 5-star hotel has many problems with the existing system. The choice of low quality cables and connectors greatly affects the quality of the video signal, especially for cameras with a radius of more than 700-1000 m, for an area of ​​12 hectares. PT Kesawa Citra Integra – KESAWA SP provides services and services for a surveillance system, both during design, installation, training, and after the implementation of a very satisfying job at AYODYA Hotel. We have installed 460 units IP Camera Surveillance, along with 5000m UTP-data cable and 700m Fiber OPTIC to support network security sysemts.

We are fully trusted by Ayodya to handle the Security system for the KOREA and Papua NewGini delegations when APEC takes place in Bali, the satisfaction of foreign guests shows that we as the local people are able to handle technology systems that are working properly with local system and network.

PT AKR Corporindo. Tbk

PT KCI – KESAWA SP, GEOVISION’s official distributor in Indonesia, provided assistance in evaluating and improving the existing security / surveillance system at AKR. There were some basic errors in the installation system and the existing configuration and the connection system so that the camera did not work optimally. KCI-KESAWA SP provides a solution so that the system operates optimally


Club Med Hotel is a five star hotel in the elite area of ​​NUSA DUA. KESAWA SP – KCI is trusted for the design, installation and maintenance of its security system. In phase I – 78 units of IP Camera Surveillance system technology and support system we have done with very good results


BNDCC as a meeting center, resort-scale conference and the world has made it the first choice in Indonesia and the world to organize various international events arranged by the leaders of the countries in the world. Security is the main non-negotiable keyword. KESAWA SP – KCI is the guarantee for this, we certainly maintain this trust forever, by maintaining the best quality and equipment for all our customers.


As a five star hotel in the Seminyak area, The LEGIAN has applied a reliable security system. We feel proud because we are trusted to design and apply a security system with good technology at this hotel. We are still helping to design plans to change the analog camera system to an IP camera system with a FIBER Optic connection network


Sleeveless is a boutique shop from Australia with several branches in Australia. Sleeveless opened a branch at KUTA Bali. KESAWA SP – KCI is trusted to monitor all activities of this boutique directly from Autralia. Sleeveless expects a security system that is: Speed, accurate, clear and full monitoring. This security system criteria is required from the initial design, installation and monitoring to maintenance. We do everything in a measured, planned and optimal. Sleeveless was very satisfied with the KESAWA SP – KCI security system

Discovery Kartika Plaza - Hotel & Resort

Discovery Kartika Plaza is a five-star hotel in the elite area of ​​the Kuta area, developing a security system by switching to the IP System will certainly be a separate thing in terms of high technology applications in security systems. PT KCI – KESAWA SP with experience and distributor support from the Surveillance manufacturer provides full support in this surveillance technology transfer.


As a five star hotel in the Seminyak area, The LEGIAN has applied a reliable security system. We feel proud because we are trusted to design and apply a security system with good technology at this hotel. We are still helping to design plans to change the analog camera system to an IP camera system with a FIBER Optic connection network.

KUBU Villas and the Lataliana Vila are villas that are very unique, clean, and safe with a very high occupancy rate. The owners have a good sense in terms of services, especially in terms of security. KESAWA SP – PT KCI is trusted to handle work and installation of security systems.



Ramada Bintang Bali Hotel is a five star hotel in the elite area of ​​Kartika, plasa kuta area, the development of a security system with a high level of care has been carried out, especially in outdoor areas around the hotel area. We are trusted by Ramada to update the security system with reliable results and video system analytics to improve the security system of the RAMADA Bintang Bali Hotel area.


CV. Pelangi (Rex’s) is a variety of bakery factories that are supplied on Airline Catering Company, Hotels and villas. Pelangi produces various kinds of bread with sizes and shapes to order. Pelangi production is very reliable because every production process is monitored in detail and accurately to get the best production. KESAWA SP – KCI video monitoring and analytic system is very reliable to perform this monitoring task. We design, install, monitor carefully for the best results. CV. Pelangi (Rex’s) was very satisfied with the results obtained.


OPTOLUS – KCI is entrusted with designing and implementing a CCTV System to complete accreditation as a star hotel to welcome plans for an international conference that will take place at the Aston Hotel.

In addition to security needs, some specific cameras are also installed, such as on the front desk to find out all transactions. A good and reliable storage system with a high storage capacity is also required. Specifically, in terms of installation, both quality and aesthetics are required considering the very long cabling distance (cable installation around the outer ring of the hotel). KESAWA SP has done it with great success



ANANTARA – ULUWATU RESORT Bali is a five star hotel in the elite area of Uluwatu, Ungasan, Badung – BALI. The development of a security system with a high level of care has been carried out, especially in outdoor areas, several vital, especially near edge of Clift, restaurant and any other public area. We are trusted by ANTARA to update and replace (from Analog system/Existing) their security system with reliable results. The Security system with their video system analytics have improve the security system of the ANANTARA – ULUWATU Hotel and Resor


The Bali resident has applied a security system with high technology to get the best results in the security system. Through the security facility, Hotel management be able to monitor and anticipate all things related to the security for 24 hours in the Resident Hotel.


As a well-known hotel in Kuta, NEO ASTON is in great demand by foreign tourists. To maintain security at the hotel, Neo Aston Hotel entrusts their Security System to KESAWA SP – KCI.



As a 4-star hotel in the Kartika Plaza area, Kuta – Bali, Adhi Jaya Hotel is quite attractive to foreign tourists. We (KESAWA SP) are trusted by the hotel management to improve the security system which previously experienced many problems. Management is very satisfied with our security system.



           B N P B – BALI


         MUSIEUM – BALI


We are trusted by the government in supporting the operational system, security, and comfort in Hospitals, Museums, Disaster Management Agencies, Colleges and many other institutions.  This belief certainly makes us continue to provide the best service to our customers